About Us

LLB Africa operates as a non-profit organization based in Barkley West in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa

We are dedicated to the protection of the environment, taking cognisance of the correlation that exists between the environment, energy, education and health issues, these factors tend to be the drivers of environmental degradation. The restoration of the ecological system is very closely tied to the restoration of the socio-economic and climate systems, whereby restoration of one system impacts all others in a symbiotic relationship. LLB conceptualizes, promotes and participates in projects, to drive sustainable socio-economic development; climate change mitigation & adaptation and addressing the many linked issues facing the youth. Our quest is to help communities find practical and sustainable solutions to their problems within the framework of the sustainable development goals.

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What We Do

Africa German YOuth Exchange

LLB Africa is actively involved with the AGYI (Africa German Youth Initiative), where we have worked in tandem with German development agency GIZ on the Innovation fund projects.

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Education and Empowerment

The world is changing and so are is educational content and delivery. LLB Africa works to empower the vulnerable communities to cope with this changes.

Environmental Conservation

Weather patterns are changing and our organization works in the space of climate change mitigation and adaptation in local communities.


Our passion spans across provinces and borders.

As the local leaders in the environmental conservation space, we need to be bold and help move the community forward, to use funders as a positive tool for the ultimate benefit of the environment and consequently our society. The commitment of our members and the dedication of our stakeholders around the Northern Cape Province and beyond is fuel for our passion and drives our organization forward.

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Education and Digital
Environmental Conservation

Projects & Programmes

Education and Empowerment

Digital Literacy, Innovation, Design Thinking, Business/Project management and The Ubuntu Lab are some of the initiatives we implement.

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Climate Change Interventions

LLB Africa works in the most vulnerable communities to assist in planning and mitigation of climate change environmental impacts on the rural communities and help them with their resilience.

International Youth Exchange

In their Agenda 2063, the Member States of the African Union (AU) set the goal of creating better access to education, training and capacity development, employment and economic opportunities.

Advisors & Specialists


Looking Ahead

As we seek to advance our mission, we rely on our members, volunteers and employees to uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Our community members likewise; to unite under the banner of LLB Africa and demonstrate that our passion indeed represents the gold standard in environmental conservation, education and community service.