About Us

LLB Africa operates as a non-profit organization based in Barkley West in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

We are dedicated to the protection of the environment, taking cognisance of the correlation that exists between the environment, energy, education and health issues, these factors tend to be the drivers of environmental degradation. The restoration of the ecological system is very closely tied to the restoration of the socio-economic and climate systems, whereby restoration of one system impacts all others in a symbiotic relationship. LLB conceptualizes, promotes and participates in projects, to drive sustainable socio-economic development; climate change mitigation & adaptation and addressing the many linked issues facing the youth. Our quest is to help communities find practical and sustainable solutions to their problems within the framework of the sustainable development goals. 

Tshegohatso Chifokoyo

Co-Founder/ Director

Helping Build Resilience


Digital Education systems, we help to equip students and communities with the necessary skills to cope in the world that is becoming digital. Ensuring the vulnerable will be able to cope in the fourth industrial revolution achieving results to improve standards of living.


In rural communities the skills gap is not only felt by entrepreneurs but also non-profits. LLB consultants for non-profits and NGOs: helping in fund development, board development, proposals and strategic planning.

Financial Management

LLB Africa in partnership with IsheCorp Pty Ltd offers accounting and financial services to rural non-profit organizations. We assist to keep these critical communitiy organizations compliant and operationally viable.

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Our Programmes

Botho Education & Awareness

Botho Educational & Awareness Program – Engaging students and youth in technology and sustainability is one of the most important factors in building a future for the coming generations. BEEP is a LLB initiative that seeks to address educational issues through hands on activities. A portion of this program was funded in 2019 from Letsatsi Borutho Trust. Botho continues to grow in reach and content delivering education and awareness to our rural and semi rural communities.

Dikgatlong Green Initiative

Dikgatlong Green Initiative (DGI) – Since 2018 LLB Africa has hosted 20 youths, in the Department of Environment’s Youth Environmental Services (YES) Programme. These youths including others are active in our organization in implement environmental projects, at the same time receiving mentorship and training. We are focused on the following interventions; Open Space Management and Greening, Establishment of a plant nursery, Wetland Management, Clean Up Campaigns, Climate Change Mitigation, Waste Management ( Focus on the 3 R’s) Environmental Awareness and Education .

WEb Pic Agyi

AGYI - LLB Africa is actively involved with the AGYI (Africa German Youth Initiative), where we worked in tandem with German development agency GIZ on the Innovation fund projects. Currently the organisation is involved in the youth exchange partnered with a German Theatre company Das Letzte Kleinod and are poised to begin the first exchange in 2022 with a two way exchange between German and South African youths. The focus on this exchange is SDG 15 (Life on Land) .


Our Stakeholders’ Reviews

"I have had the enjoyment of working collaboratively with them in the past two years, and I can state categorically with confidence that they have been one of the best stakeholders to work with."Mr Ntobeko Dyani, Assistant Director @ Dpt of Environmental Affairs.