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At LLB Africa, we are committed to driving sustainable growth and the Circular Economy, Our passion lies in making sure we give youths and communities the tools, resources and skills to develop and navigate through the barriers they face.

SMME Support
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SMME Support

Since the appearance of Covid-19, the world has changed. Our emphasis not only lies in conventional business training but in the digitisation and digital literacy of entrepreneurs.

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Education and Digital

In a world that is transitioning into the 4IR, LLB Africa's work in imparting digital skills has become a necessity, not only for our school children, but our broader communities.


LLB Africa continues to focus on climate action, working with local government and communities in climate change mitigation and adaptation projects within the Frances Baard district.

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LLB Africa has a passion for community development, part of the work that we do is helping small businesses and in particular NGO's.Our commitment to our community has seen the organization helping to start and nurture social impact projects and organizations